Wednesday, April 29, 2009

McKenna's 9 Months Old!

So it's almost official, McKenna's almost been on the outside longer than she was on the inside. Tomorrow we are headed back to the doctor's office for the first time in three months for a checkup... I have a feeling she's going to be near the 100th percentile for everything, she seem huge to me. I guess it's possible that I have a skewed perspective, since we were able to meet Daniel Hendricks (who seemed like a miniature person) , McKenna's newest in a series of new friends:
It's so fun to us that our friends are all having kids so that they can grow up together. There will be many more new babies this year (at the time of this post, there are at least 4 'cookin'). We can't hardly wait! Let the exponential growth continue!

Ok, here's McKenna's 9 month update: She's going to crawl soon, really soon, much to my chagrin. My days of sitting her on the floor with a pile of toys to entertain her are almost over. She's already learning the meaning of the word "NO!" and I'm entirely certain she understands what it means. Everything still goes into her mouth... her hands, my hands, the hands of strangers, and most recently, the knee of my jeans while I was still wearing them.

Still no sign of the word "ma-ma" in her vocabulary, although I've heard her say 'ma,' (maybe it was 'muh') so either she's punishing me for telling her no, or she things it's funny to be withholding. She rolls all over the place in her crib, and I often find her sleeping face down with her head in the corner of her bed. And yes, it still scares the heck out of me. She is showing signs of separation anxiety, common for this age of babies, but really it's only separation from me (secretly I like it, makes me feel important), she cries when I leave the room.

She brings joy to everyone she meets; she smiles all the time... I really do think she's the happiest, most easy going, mellowest kid I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because she's mine. She really is amazing. I'll write a short post tomorrow with her 9 month status after we visit the doctor... stay tuned.


Angelina Hendricks said...

JJ and I were saying the same thing when we saw McKenna and Daniel in the same room. She is much bigger than he is.

I'm not sure they will ever work out. Daniel would be intimidated by a woman bigger than he is.

Angie said...

I'd have to say you're right about McKenna. She is sweet, mellow and so happy. You're a lucky mama! Brody started crawling on Sunday night, and boy, things changed INSTANTLY! The girls aren't as excited about this new, mobile Brody. He can get their stuff now! But it's awfully cute to see such a tiny person crawling around. I'm guessing McKenna could even be crawling as I'm typing this since you posted this a few days ago!!! Watch out!